Wawa Public Library

THE WAWA PUBLIC LIBRARY'S MISSION STATEMENT The Wawa Public Library is a community resource that offers equitable access to information and ideas that stimulate imagination and inquiry through literature and reference, for culture and commerce.

St. Augustine Kindergarten and Grade 1 Class visit the library

                                                                                                                                                                                      St. AUGUSTINE’S KINDERGARTEN/GRADE 1 CLASS visit the Wawa Public Library. On December the 9th, the library staff was thrilled to have students and teachers from St. Augustine’s French Immersion School come and visit the library. It was wonderful to show everyone our amazing new Interactive Game table and all the uses of a 3D Printer. They were also able to try the Awe Learning computers and tablets. The students were all very captivated by the new technology in the library. The children and teachers were able to participate in our Holiday Library Scavenger Hunt and had a great time learning about the library. And of course, what is a visit to the library without a story? We read “Memoirs of an Elf” by Devin Scillian. Thank you to the staff at St. Augustine’s for organizing a trip to the library. We welcome all schools and teachers to reach out and plan a trip to visit the Wawa Public Library!