Circulation Policy #OP-01

Policy Type: Operational

Policy Number: OP – 01

Policy Title: Circulation Policy

Initial Policy Approval Date:
Last Review/Revision Date: Feb.20/19
Policy Review Date: February 2021

The Wawa Public Library makes materials widely available to the community, in an equitable manner, in order to maximize the use of the collections. The Wawa Public Library Board ensures fair conditions for library membership and borrowing privileges while protecting resources in a responsible manner and in accordance with the Public Libraries Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. P44.

Section 1: Library Membership and Borrowing

  1. No fee will be charged for admission to the library.
  2. Any person may be a member of the library with borrowing privileges. See Editors Notes 1
  3. Membership will be granted to individuals who provide verification of address and identification by showing a document bearing his/her name and current address. See Schedule A for acceptable documentation.
  4. Membership will be granted to an individual who is unable to provide identification verifying address; in this case borrowing is limited to one item on the initial visit and the verification of address will be required for any subsequent loans.
  5. Children under the age of 12 must register for membership accompanied by a parent or guardian who presents identification with name and address, and signs for responsibility for fines, damages or lost items.
  6. Only members of the library in good standing will be allowed to borrow library materials.
  7. Materials may be borrowed by presenting the membership card. Personal information collected will be subject to the Privacy Act.

Section 2: Conditions of Membership and Card Use

  1. Membership is not transferable to other individuals.
  2. Members will be issued a library card without charge.
  3. An individual is entitled to only one library card. Lost or damaged cards will be replaced for a fee.
  4. The card is the property of the Wawa Public Library and must be returned on request.
  5. Lost or theft of a card must be reported immediately; members are responsible for any materials borrowed on their cards until loss or theft is reported.
  6. Change of address, name or phone number must be reported immediately.
  7. Membership expires every two years. Renewal requires verification of the member’s name, address, telephone number and payment of outstanding monies owed to the library, if any.
  8. Membership is suspended when fines occur and will be re-instated when all outstanding accounts are settled.
  9. Membership can be suspended for violating library policies.

Section 3: Borrowing

  • Loans
    1. a standard loan period of three weeks exists for materials borrowed, expect those materials for which special loan periods have been established. See Schedule B
    2. reference works, local history materials and newspapers are not available for loan
    3. the total number of items on loan to any one member will consist of a reasonable amount of individual items
    4. the number of items that may be borrowed on a particular subject is limited to 2 if there is a high demand for materials
  • Renewals
    1. library items may be renewed in person, by telephone or online. See Schedule B for renewal schedule.
    2. items on reserve for other members cannot be renewed
  • Holds/Reserves
    1. library items may be reserved in person, by telephone, or online
    2. when the item becomes available, the member will be notified and asked to pick-up the item
    3. items will be held for 5 days except for DVDs which will be held for 2 days
  • Returns
    1. materials borrowed may be returned to the library at the circulation desk or in the drop-box
    2. members are required to return materials on or before the due date
  • Circulation Records
  • Library Circulation and membership records will be used in accordance with the Privacy Act.

    Section 4: Charges

  • Damaged/Lost Items
    1. the library will charge replacement costs for items which are overdue by 60 days or for items which are damaged or lost
    2. the replacement cost will be assessed by the library and will include the purchase cost and the processing cost of the item. It may not be possible to replace a specific item with an identical one
    3. charges will be levied based on the cost of a substitute item or the current average price of materials when an item is not replaced
    4. replacement of the item will be left to the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer or her designate, in keeping with the library’s selection policy
  • Overdues and Fines
    1. the board establishes fines as a deterrent to the late return of materials. See Schedule C for fine schedule.
    2. fines may be waived for unusual or serious circumstances

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    Editors’ Notes 1:

    The Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P44 s. 23(3)c gives library boards the authority to set fees for the use of library services by persons who do not reside in the area of the board’s jurisdiction in which case the circulation policy would need to include statements that define non-resident members and the schedule of non-residents fees. Some libraries exclude groups from having to pay a non-resident fee even if they live outside of the municipality, for example students, residents of a municipality with which the libraries have a reciprocal borrowing agreement, employees working in the municipality, or property owners.

    Also note that a library can not charge a fee to residents of a municipality that contract with them for library service. The prescribed conditions for library operating funding do not permit a library to charge fees to residents of contracting municipalities. See subsection 30(2) of the Public Libraries Act and Regulation 976

    Editors’ Notes 2: Schedules are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to set out practices for libraries.

    Schedule A – Acceptable Identification to Verify Name and Address for Membership Registration.

    Documents are used to verify name and address only. No other information on the document(s) presented is kept on record.

    A valid Ontario Driver’s License is acceptable as a single document. In other case acceptable identification and proof of current address is required.

    Acceptable Identification Acceptable Proof of Address
    Health card with photo Any Benefit Statement issued by the Government of Canada
    Citizenship card Bank account statement
    Passport Utility bill (telephone, hydro, water, gas, cable TV)
    Student ID cardMotor Vehicle Permit
    OAS (senior’s card) Mortgage, rental or lease agreement
    Employer-issued photo ID card Property tax assessment or bill
    BYID(from the LCBO) Insurance policy (property, auto, life)
    Employer record (pay stub or letter from employer)
    Secondary school, college or university report card or transcript
    Schedule B – Loan Periods
    Material Type Loan Period Optional Renewals
    ‘New Books’ 7 days No renewals
    Books (except ‘New Books’) 21 days 1
    Audio Books 21 days 1
    Magazines Current Issues 7 days No renewals
    Magazines 21 days 1
    DVD Series 21 days 1
    DVDs & Blu-Rays 7 days 1
    Children’s Entertainment DVDs 7 days 1
    Electronic Games 7 days 1
    Young Adult & Junior Books 21 days 1
    Children’s Easy & Picture Books 21 days 1
    Schedule C – Fines
    Type Fines Per Day Max fine per item
    Adult and Teen Materials
    Books $0.20
    Audio Books $0.20
    New Magazines $l.00
    New Books $1.00
    Magazines (3 week) $0.20
    DVDs & Blu-Rays $3.00
    Electronic Games (WII, WIIU) $3.00
    Replacement Cards $10.00
    Interlibrary Loans $1.00
    Type Fine Per Day Max fine per item
    Children’s Materials
    Books $0.10
    Audio Books $0.10
    Info DVDs $3.00
    DVDs, Blu-Rays $3.00
    Electronic Games $3.00