In partnership with the Wawa Goose Club, the Wawa Public Library provides pre-selected books for participants to read and then discuss.
Meet Indiana Lou Imperatori! She is the new Afterschool Program Coordinator at the library! Indi is a 16 year old bilingual student who attends Ecole St. Joseph. Indi loves to read and is very passionate about her involvement with the Air Cadets 155 Borden Grey. She is ranked as a Flight Corporal and attends weekly meetings virtually. Indi also enjoys arts and crafts and is a perfect fit here at the library!


Come and join us on our facebook page @wplafterschool on Tuesdays beginning at 4:15! Together we read a fun story and then we get creative with a cool craft. We make all kinds of things from snowmen to butterflies to race cars. There is paint, glue, scissors, construction paper, colouring and a whole lot of fun! We provide a limited number of craft bags for anyone who may need supplies.  


Come and join us on our facebook page @wplafterschool  on Thursdays beginning at 4:15.  We will soften, mold and shape clay into amazing animals, people or things. We use air dry clay as well as baking clay and use a variety of tools to perfect our craft. We will provide a limited amount of Clay Bags for anyone who may need supplies. 


Join us for our Drawing Club or Steam Club on our Facebook page @wplafterschool on Friday beginning at 4:15.  We will use “How To Draw” tutorials to learn the tricks of the trade. Sometimes we just free draw to see how creative we can be. We then finish by adding some colour into our pictures. Come on and join the fun! Just to keep Fridays interesting, we will add the occasional STEAM Club. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Join us as we experiment and learn together!
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Due to Covid 19 the Wawa Public Library’s Summer Program is a virtual one. Currently, we have three clubs running Tuesday-Thursday at 11am! Tuesday is Storytime, Wednesday is Craft Day and Thursday is Activity Day where we do science experiments or another craft. We go live on our Facebook page and everyone is welcome to join! As well, the TDSRC website has tons of fun jokes, eBooks and more to explore all summer. We’re excited to offer reading fun all summer online!
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