CONGRATULATIONS TO COLLEEN ON HER RETIREMENT!  After 9 amazing years working at the Wawa Public Library, Colleen has decided to enjoy life and retire. Colleen’s career in Wawa began more than 40 years ago as a Dental Assistant for the late        Dr. Mark Owen. After a number of years of assisting, Colleen decided to take a receptionist position at the Dental Office. As changes sometimes need to happen in life, Colleen made a career change in 2013 and began working as an Assistant Librarian at the Wawa Public Library. A few years later, the CEO/Head Librarian position opened up and Colleen successfully transitioned into this position. Colleen made some much-needed changes to the library and strived to make it a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! After many years in Wawa and a wonderful and successful career, The Board and Staff of the Wawa Public Library would like to congratulate Colleen on her retirement. Best Wishes to you Colleen!

The Wawa Public Library would also like to announce that Suzie Jarrell will be the new CEO/Head Librarian. Suzie has been the Assistant Librarian for the past 6 years and is looking forward to the challenges and the opportunity to develop programs that will instill the love of reading and the library in all!

Please join us in welcoming Kayla Lamon as she begins her new career as Wawa Public Library’s Assistant Librarian. Kayla brings with her a love of crafts and reading and her computer knowledge will be an asset to patron’s technological needs.

Suzie and Kayla will continue to make the library a welcoming place for all!