Staff & Board of Directors


  • CEO/Head Librarian/Board Secretary & Treasurer – Colleen Abbott
  • Assistant Librarian – Suzie Jarrell
  • Relief – Lise Gagn√©

Wawa Public Library Board of Directors

  • Board Chair – Doug Woods
  • Board Vice Chair/Councillor – Pat Tait
  • Member – Anne Owen
  • Member – Lesley Banman
  • Member – Rose Ann Turyk

Wawa Public Library’s Foundation Policies

The Wawa Public Library’s Mission Statement

The Wawa Public Library is a community resource that offers equitable access to information and ideas that stimulate imagination and inquiry through literature and reference, for culture and commerce.

The Wawa Public Library’s Vision Statement

The Wawa Public Library will strive to enhance lives by providing access to knowledge, information and services through current and new technologies. The library will contribute to a better quality of life in the community through committed service and valued partnerships.

The Wawa Public Library’s Statement of Values

Creativity, imagination and curiosity -Encouraging the joy of reading and life-long learning.

Equity -Ensuring accessibility and fairness, to recognize diversity in serving all individuals.

Intellectual Freedom -Guaranteeing and facilitating access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity.

Customer Service -Ensuring high quality and excellence in responding to the needs of our patrons.

Community Connectedness -Enhancing library service through partnerships and consultation with the community.

Teamwork -Fostering a work culture that advocates cooperation, communication, respect and training.