THANK YOU, JIM WHITE! The staff and Board of the Wawa Public Library would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jim White for the many, many years of volunteering as a Board member for the Wawa Public Library Board.   Jim was a Library Board member for almost 40 years!! Jim came to Wawa in 1973 as a graduate and began a summer job working fires at the MNR. In 1978, Jim was offered a full-time position as a payroll clerk until his retirement in 2001!  Jim also spent many hours beautifying our community by planting and maintaining the many garden beds around town. He also Secretary/Treasurer for the Cancer Society, worked on the Hospital Foundation Board, was a canvasser for the Kidney Foundation, was a member of the Cemetery Committee and the BIA. You may also recall the many entertaining stories that Jim wrote in the Algoma News for a few years. Thank you, Jim, for your many years dedicated to making Wawa a better place! We wish the very best in all of your future endeavors!